Philosophy of Music - And Life!

I love all music - jazz, rock, classical, country, salsa, swing, reggae, hip hop...... Someone once said there are only two types of music, good and bad. I used to agree until I thought about it... what is bad music? Since everyone has different musical tastes, there is always going to be an audience for some kind of music...somewhere, and for that audience, their favorite music is good music.

I have a philosophy about good and bad music. Suppose I have a piano student who is having his or her very first lesson, and after 15 minutes this student learns a really simple song. What do I say to that student? Do I say it was bad? Of course not! I say it was very good. It was great! So, if that level of playing is good, how can any level be bad? Obviously, there are different levels of good and we want to strive for the highest level possible. It’s all in how it is viewed - from the positive perspective as opposed to the negative perspective. Once that attitude has been established, one can then deliver constructive evaluation and assessment to decide what issues need to be addressed in order to improve - something that can never stop. In music, like everything else, the more you know, the more you realize is left to learn.

So.... one could assume there is no bad music, right? Well, I do believe there is one kind of music that is bad. That is any music with obscene lyrics - and I don’t mean just rap or hip hop. I LOVE rap and hip hop. I mean ANY kind of music with lyrics that are obscene, immoral, or unethical. To me this is bad music.

Someone doing their best to sing or play a jazz standard, a Mozart piano sonata, or rapping their favorite hip hop tune, isn’t’s wonderful!